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Students at Delta High School have the option of using the transportation system of their home school district.  If you are a Delta student you may take the "normal" bus to your home high school in the morning (or walk if you are within walking distance) and then hop on the "Delta Shuttle" (info above)--another school bus that will take you from your home high school to Delta in the morning.  However, please know that you will need to be sure to register with your district's transportation department prior to using the bus system.  

Please note that if you move you will need to contact your district's transportation services as early as possible as it may take up to three days to make changes to your student's bus route.  If you are changing school districts you must be sure complete the necessary withdrawal paperwork from your current district and enrollment paperwork from your new school district.  Once enrollment is complete you may then request new transportation arrangements.

Pasco School District Transportation: (509)547-2510

Pasco Transportation

Kennewick School District Transportation: (509)222-5075

Kennewick Transportation

*Richland School District Transportation: (509)967-6150  

Richland Transportation

*Richland School District also offers the option of a monthly bus pass through Benton-Franklin Transit as an alternative to utilizing the school district's bus system.  RSD is the only district offering this option at this time.