Our nurse's office provides a variety of health services to students:

  • Develop individual health care plans
  • Administer prescribed medication and treatments
  • Provide first aid for minor injuries and illnesses
  • Oversee vision, hearing, and scoliosis screenings and student immunization documentation
  • Distribute health information to students, families and staff

Health Forms

Medication Authorization FormProvides permission for medication to be administered at school. Students may be permitted to self carry with the permission of the school nurse.

Asthma Management FormProvides permission for an inhaler to be kept at school with the ability to adjust dosing depending on severity or the presence of any triggers/activity.

Treatment Order Form  Reviews the student's medical condition as well as the care and/or procedures to be performed during the school day.

immunization form  Documents immunization history for your child.

immunization Exemption form (english) Document declaring exemption from immunization(s).

immunization exemption form (Spanish)