Are you returning to in-person school?  If so please contact the Delta office at 416-7860 or and complete the following form: Choice form and Health Attestation

Starting 4/19: Full-time in-person school—we will be using an altered version of our regular schedule that will allow for two lunch periods each day.  This will help us maintain 6-foot distances during lunch while masks are off.

spring 2021 schedule

Safety Updates:

  • We are now allowed 3-foot spacing between students.  Every classroom will have a seating chart that will allow for contact tracing in the event a positive COVID case is reported.  Students will continue to face in the same direction.  Desks will continue to be cleaned after every class.
  • During lunch, students must be seated at least 6 feet apart and facing the same direction.  We will have an open campus—students will be allowed to leave campus during their lunch break. 

Distance (At-home) Learners

  • We encourage all students that can be on campus to return to full-time in-person instruction by 4/19.  If this is not an option, however, then we are pleased to let you know that students may continue to access asynchronous classes.  Should you plan to switch to in-person instruction please contact the school office to let us know in advance.  (509)416-7860   Thank you! 😊
  • Students will remain in their current classes but will access material online that will be posted regularly by teachers.