Bell Schedule & Attendance

"Bell" Schedule 

Starting the week of 2/22/21 we will be transitioning to a blended learning model.  Students were asked to make a choice as to whether they will transition to our blended, in-person model or if they plan to continue learning virtually for the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year. 

The week of 2/22: 9th Grade begins new in-person schedule; 10th-12th follow the new schedule but continue at-home learning

The week of 3/1: 10th-12th begin new in-person schedule

Students are assigned to either Cohort A or Cohort B. The schedules for Cohorts A and B are shown below:

Cohort A downloadable schedule      Cohort B downloadable schedule

cohort a schedule
cohort b schedule

Students deciding to remain learning virtually will use the schedule below: At-Home Schedule

at home schedule



To clear up any attendance issues please reach out to Araceli Rojas at or call (509) 416-7860.