Bell Schedule & Attendance

"Bell" Schedule 

The schedule below is for a regular week of online learning at Delta. This will be for any 5-day weeks while online learning continues.
Downloadable Schedule for 5-day week of online learning

Online schedule for 5 day week


Asynchronous Learning: ​
Remote instruction in which the instructors create lessons which the students can access on their own time, which may include: pencil and paper, video, research, group work, etc.  Students have flexibility to complete asynchronous learning at different times of day as their schedules allow.

Synchronous Learning: ​
Remote instruction in which the instructors and students are in the same place (online Zoom) at the same time for the purposes of lesson delivery and learning.  This is also a time for teachers to build connections with students.​  Zoom links will generally be posted in the classroom “Team” in Microsoft Teams.

Office Hours: ​
A scheduled time each day where teachers are available to support individual and groups of students.  It is also a time teachers will be available to be reached, as needed, by parents/families.  



To clear up any attendance issues please reach out to Araceli Rojas at or call (509) 416-7860.