WA State National History Day Results: DELTA HIGH SCHOOL!!!

WA State National History Day Results: DELTA HIGH SCHOOL!!!

National History Day WA State Final results are in!

Delta High knocked it out of the park once again with 8 projects and 13 Delta students making it to the final round by placing in the top 6 of their respective Senior Division categories! Not only that, 3 of those projects are...Drum Roll Please!....GOING to NATIONALS!!! You think that's amazing? Wait, there's more! To sweeten this victory, Delta High School also won the 2020 Outstanding School - Senior Division Award!

‌Congratulations to all of our historians that competed in the state contest. Its a huge accomplishment just making it to the state level. We are all so proud of the work you do with NHD! Please congratulate our finalists and and extra congratulations to those moving on to the National contest!

Finalists going to Nationals

1st Place Individual Documentary - Alexandria Pereira - Dr. Patricia Bath: Breaking Racial, Gender, Medical, and Economic Barriers

2nd Place Individual Website - Diana Manzanes -The U-2 Spy Plane Incident: Breaking Barriers through the Iron Curtain

2nd Place Group Website - Ashley Sell & Mackenna Tindell - Corporate Interest vs Public Health: The Pure Food and Drug Act

State Finalists

3rd Place Individual Documentary - Abigail Macduff - Dr. Mae Jemison: Breaking Racial and Gender Barriers in Space

5th Place Individual Website - Katelyn Tran - Little Rock Nine: The Road to Desegregation

5th Place Group Performance - Mya Streeter, Zoe Sleater, Briana La Plante, & Karla Nef - Bring Out Your Dead...I'm Not Dead Yet!!!

6th Place Group Exhibit - Elizabeth Krinitsyn & Viviana Magana - My True Place: Elizabeth Blackwell: Breaking Barriers in the Medical Field

6th Place Individual Exhibit - Lucas Ramos - Nuclear Energy: Changing History Forever

You can watch the complete awards announcements by the State Coordinator Hannah Tofte here!  WA NHD Awards Ceremony

And a HUGE thank you to our NHD teachers, Mr. David Blacketer and Ms. Liz Steiner for all their efforts to help prepare the students for this competition. Their countless hours of guidance and support helped make these amazing results a reality.

Mr. Blacketer has also been nominated by the NHD program in Washington for the 2020 Hannah E. (Liz) McGregor Teacher of the Year Award. Delta is proud and grateful for your tireless efforts and are pleased to see you receive this recognition for your commitment to NHD and to our Deltonians!