Schedule Pick-Up Day

Schedule Pick-Up Day


11th/12th Grade: Go straight to the cafeteria. You will turn in your Release Form (yellow paper), pick up your schedule and temporary ID, and you are done! EASY!

9th/10th Grade: Enter the building at the main office and pick up a Check-Off Sheet. There are THREE stations you must get signed off on before picking up your laptop: (1) Pay for your laptop insurance at the front desk and also turn in your Release Form (yellow paper) and User Agreement (white paper)--we have extras!; (2) Watch (with your parents) the 1:1 video in a classroom; and (3) Pick up your schedule and temporary ID in the cafeteria.

Once all these steps are completed, 9th/10th grade students may pick up their laptops in the cafeteria.  You will pick up a laptop, charger, and case and also sign in for the first time on your new (school-owned) device. :) 

See you on campus soon!