Class of 2026

[NOTE: This information is only for students and families that have been offered and accepted into the Delta Class of 2026.  Students were selected based on a random lottery.  Students not selected are still on a waiting list should additional seats open in the next few months.]

Be sure to also be checking the Delta 2022-2023 Prep page on our site for updates for August and the school year!


Our main method of communication with students and parents is through Remind.  It is an app on your phone that receives notifications, or you can set it up to receive text message notifications or email notifications if you do not have a smartphone.  Once you set it up please DO NOT turn off notifications or you will miss important school announcements! :) 

BOTH students AND parents should sign up using your full name (we will reject accounts with names we don't recognize).  Parents, please type in your name and then put your student's name in parentheses so we can easily connect your accounts. For example, "John Smith (Buddy Smith)."  Thank you!