Community Service

Delta students serve in many ways throughout our community, both on their own and also often as a part of one of our service groups on campus. Delta also has a 20-hour community service requirement (5 hours per year) as a requirement for graduation.  These hours should be recorded on our community service log form and submitted to your Advisor.  Your advisor will submit the log to the front office where it will be scanned into PowerSchool. 

*Class of 2024 & 2025 are grandfathered in to the previous 15 hour rule. 

Volunteer hours log

Ideas for Community Service (provided by Delta's Key Club)

  • Volunteer for a local non-profit (examples below)
    • Pit-Bull Pen
    • Teen Crisis Center
    • Salvation Army
    • My Friends Place
    • Meals on Wheels
  • Cards & letters to local Senior Centers
  • Book Share
  • Find polluted areas and clean them up
  • Clean a local park of trash & litter
  • Start a free community library
  • Leaf raking for your neighbors and senior citizens
  • Help your neighbors and senior citizens with house cleaning and yard work
  • Make blankets for kids and homeless
  • Make masks for the community
  • Make hygiene kits

Delta Students in Action!