Club Meeting Times

Delta offers a variety of extra curricular clubs & activities for students!  Interested in starting a new club?  Grab 10 of your closest friends, find a staff advisor, and talk to Mrs. Troxel!

Please see below for meeting times and locations.

Name of Club

Advisor(s) Name

Meeting Time



Juli Troxel

Monday; 7:30 AM

Rm 221

DMG - Yearbook

Annie See

Monday; 3:00 PM

Rm 208

Delta & Dragons

Joshua Hogg

Monday; 3:00 PM

Rm 207

Key Club

Deborah Burke, Joshua Hogg

Tuesday; 8:00 AM

Rm's 204 & 207

Robotics (Tech) Club

Andy Glodo

Tuesday; 3:00 PM

Rm 127

WE R Delta

Lisa Muir, Katie Landwehr

Wednesday; 8:00 AM

Rm 124


Heather Hoppe

Thursday; 8:00 AM

Rm 215

Senate Executive

Juli Troxel

Friday; 7:30 AM

Rm 221

National Honor Society

Michael See

Wednesday; 8:00 AM

Rm 138


Michael See

Friday; 3:00 PM

Rm 138


Andy Glodo

Thursday; 3:00 PM

Rm 129

Literary Club

Marc Dowd


Rm 134