Club Virtual Meeting Times

Delta offers a variety of extra curricular clubs & activities for students!  Interested in starting a new club?  Grab 10 of your closest friends, find a staff advisor, and talk to Mrs. Troxel!

Please see below for meeting times and locations.

Name of Club

Advisor(s) Name

Meeting Time


Mrs. Troxel

Tuesday, 9:00 AM

Senate Executive Officers

Mrs. Troxel

Monday, 4:00 PM


Mrs. Hoppe

Wednesday; 12:00 PM

Bible Club

Ms. Landwehr

Not meeting at this time


Mr. See

Friday, 3:30 - 5:00 PM

Delta & Dragons

Mr. Hogg

Thursday, 3:30 PM

DMG - Yearbook

Mrs. See

Not meeting at this time


Mr. Bouvier., Mr. Greminger, & Mr. Hamby

Friday, 3:40 PM

Fine Arts Club

Mrs. Lozano

Monday, 3:40 PM

International Language Club

No Advisor at this time

Not meeting at this time

Key Club

Mrs. Burke & Mr. Hogg

Tuesday, 3:45 PM

Literary Club

Mr. Dowd

Thursday, 4:00 PM
Minecraft Club Mr. Keaney Tuesday, 4:00 PM

Movie Club

Ms. Landwehr

Not meeting at this time

National Honor Society

Mr. See

Thursday, TBA

Science Olympiad

Mr. Greminger

Not meeting at this time

Speech & Debate

Mr. Hamby

Wednesday, 2:45 PM

Tech Club (Robotics)

Mr. Glodo & Tiffany Eyre (community Partner)

Wednesday; 3:30 PM


Ms. Muir & Ms. Landwehr, Mr. Hamby

Not meeting at this time