Delta PRIDE Club is a brand new club for Delta students with unique and individual personalities. The club’s intent is to provide support, friendship, and inclusion for all who feel a little bit different.

We meet on Thursdays after school in Room 129 (Ms. Rivera’s room).  Join us for our first meeting on Thursday, September 16th at 3:00 pm. 

Advisor: Andy Glodo


Who can join Delta PRIDE?
Anyone can join Delta PRIDE.  Listen, we all have struggles and we can all use a little support when we do.  Delta PRIDE provides a safe space where we can talk about our struggles and triumphs.  

Do I have to be LGBTQAI or non-binary to join Delta PRIDE?
No.  All students are welcome.  We operate our club on a foundation of inclusion and support of others.  Anyone who feels a little bit different is allowed to attend and participate.  If you are a unicorn of any variety you can find acceptance in Delta PRIDE. Even if you don’t feel different you may have friends, family, or people you respect who are different. Joining Delta PRIDE may help you understand them better. Our goal is providing a space where students can find understanding for others that are different… Not about making an exclusive club.  We welcome all to join our celebration of uniqueness.  We do use appropriate pronouns requested by others.

Is Delta PRIDE a place where I can discuss the intimate details of my sexuality?
No.  Delta PRIDE is about respect and sensitivity to others. Many of our members may have experienced trauma or abuse in their lives.  We do not want to cause any more trauma. Private details should remain private.  

Is Delta PRIDE a place where I can complain about religion and politics that I find oppressive?
No.  Delta PRIDE is where we try to build bridges of understanding and create a healthy environment to promote healing of the hearts and minds of our community.  That cannot be done if we do not accept that others are different and have different beliefs. However, it is a great place to invite those whom we would like to understand us more and show them that we have similar needs and interests. Delta PRIDE is a place to avoid using hurtful words and offensive dialog.