ASB Senate & Clubs

2022-2023 Delta Senate Executive Committee Officers


President: Damien Leibold
Vice President: Kaitlyn Davis
Publicity Coordinator: Samantha Miranda-Silva
Treasurer: Amber Aguilar
Secretary: Raidon Lazo

Senior Class Rep: Ruqaya Talib
Junior Class Rep: Kamila Hernandez Martinez
Sophomore Class Rep: Lorelei Ockenfels
Freshman Class Rep: Elections September 23, 2022

Delta Senate are the student leaders of Delta High School. They work hard to create community and school spirit for all Deltonians. This year will look a little different as many of the traditional student events are postponed at this time. Interested in joining Student Senate? All of Delta student body is invited to attend our weekly Senate Meetings on Monday mornings from 7:30am – 8:25am.

Staff Advisor: Juli Troxel

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