ASB Senate & Clubs

Delta Senate are the student leaders of Delta High School. They work hard to create community and school spirit for all Deltonians. This year will look a little different as many of the traditional student events are postponed at this time. We invite all Delta Students to the first senate meeting this Tuesday, October 13, 2020 at 9:00 AM. Link to be post Monday Night on each Class of 20xx Team page and sent out to students via Remind.

Staff Advisor: Juli Troxel

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Interested in joining Student Senate? 

Please join us at our weekly zoom meetings each Tuesday at 9:00 am.



Congratulations to our Delta High Senate
Executive Officers for 2020 - 2021

Executive Officer Meetings are Monday at 4:00 pm

President, Natalie McQuade, 12th Grade
Vice President, Andrew Chung, 12th Grade
Secretary, Anika Walter, 11th Grade
Treasurer, Alexandria Pereira, 11th Grade
Publicity Coordinator, Abi Macduff, 11th Grade

Each candidate was asked to share their thoughts on the following questions: 
“As an officer, what goals will you set for next year?  What do you hope to accomplish for Delta High while serving in the Senate?  How will you go about implementing those goals?” 

President, Natalie McQuade

"During this very unprecedented school year I would like to focus on how we can connect as a community while being apart. This will require student input on how we can create a more interactive environment at Delta to keep spirits up in a very difficult time."

Vice President, Andrew Chung

"My goal is to help the Delta Community prosper and continue a legacy of joy in this great school. I hope to accomplish something like showing Delta Pride even during this time of quarantine and separation, but even with those factors I with the help of my other officers will make the best out’ve this interesting year. I will listen to what people have to say in order to achieve those goals, keeping in contact with them and when ideas come up I will provide them to my fellow officers and we will make the decisions needed to accomplish our ideas and goals." 

Secretary, Anika Walter

"My main goal as an officer would be to continue to have delta pride and be involved with each other even with school being online. An additional goal I have is to make our environment at school be friendly and full of love and encouragement. I wish to accomplish creating a friendly and safe environment for all the students at delta, as well as giving help where it is needed. I wish to not only help Delta but also get Delta students and staff more involved with our community. One idea I have for implanting the goal of getting delta more involved with the community is having a little school fair with food and drinks from local businesses as well as showing off the products they make while creating a fun and happy environment for our students and staff. To implement my main goal I would like to have spirit week even during zoom classes, have mini games available for students to play during lunch over zoom, have goody bags that students are able to pick up with lunch, and more. There are many ways I’ve thought of to implement my goal of continuing to be involved with our school through the computer and there are ways I have not yet come up with. The goals I have set this year as an officer already have ideas in making the goals a reality."

Treasurer, Alexandria Pereira

"My goal for the 2020-21 school year is to make this online learning and social distancing as fun as possible. For the time being, we cannot have dances, parties, and social gatherings, but I want to bring as much Delta Spirit and community as possible.  

There is a lot we can do in our houses to participate. From quarantine spirit weeks to fundraising for donations to healthcare workers, the possibilities are unique but endless. I am excited to see what my fellow Senate leaders, Senators, and each and every club come up with to continue their participation and help make every student at Delta High School experience this year, as overall rewarding as possible. High school is just 4 years, it is imperative that we experience as much as we can even in this unprecedented time. That is why I am committed to helping the Senate and Delta clubs find their new way forward into a fun, and socially distant future. 

I am committed to upholding the high standards at Delta High School and will represent my student body as Treasurer with the utmost respect and professionalism. As treasurer, I will work closely with the President, Vice President, Secretary, Publicity Coordinator, and Senators to make sure that the Senate's and Delta club's financial documents and training, are properly organized and executed. I want to do my part to make this year as fun and seamless as possible."

Publicity Coordinator, Abi MacDuff

"As a Publicity Coordinator, the most important goal for the upcoming year, in this COVID Season, will be successful communication. It will be my job to help communicate changes and events to the student body. I plan to set up a consistent communication method with many of the clubs as well as Mr. Johnson, to announce events going on around Delta. Secondly, my goal is to provide some “normal” in this upcoming year. With there being a lot of unknowns, it is hard to see what this year will be like. I’m planning to provide some spirit weeks, digital social events, and social distancing events, depending on what stage our county is in. These plans would be a collaboration of the Delta Senate, but I would suggest them and began the process of the events becoming a reality. As publicity coordinator, I would work to successfully communicate with students, clubs, and faculty while planning a variety of events to make the school year memorable."