9-28-21 Letter to families RE: Assessments

Delta administers assessments each year to our students, serving a various of purposes:

  • Career interest surveys
  • State-mandated assessments that serve to meet graduation pathway requirements
  • College placement exams, allowing students to enroll in College in the High School classes at Delta for college credit through Central Washington University
  • Measures of student growth
  • Providing opportunities to prepare and pay for college
  • Military placement qualification

Below you may view more information about the assessments we administer in a normal year.

The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT)
The PSAT not only measures what students are learning but also open doors for opportunities to prepare and pay for college.  At 10th grade this is really a “practice” to help prepare students for taking the test in 11th grade.  The PSAT can give students the opportunity to qualify as National Merit Scholars, but also allows them to learn academic strengths and supports their efforts towards paying for furthering their education after high school.

Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA)
The SBA has two components: Math and English Language Arts.  The test is a computer adaptive assessment that measures student progress towards meeting the Washington State learning standards.  The assessment provides valuable information as to how schools are doing at helping students achieve overall, while also providing feedback for individual students.   At the high school level, achieving at a certain level on the Math and ELA SBA fulfills one of the State graduation requirements.  There are other options, as well, but the SBA is the first option for all students to meet their graduation pathway.  One bit of great news is that the state-mandated SBA assessments are significantly shorter now and will require much less disruption to regular classes.  Each of the exams previously consisted of two parts and often took several hours to complete.  The exams now consist of one part each and estimated exam lengths are 75 minutes for ELA and 60 minutes for Math. Please note that the testing occurring this fall is to make up for missed testing over the past two school years. [9th grade students will test on the 8th grade assessment; 11th/12th grade students will test on the 10th grade assessment.]

Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science (WCAS)
The WCAS measures the level of proficiency that Washington students have achieved based on the K-12 Science Learning Standards.  The revised version of this assessment is estimated to take 45 minutes.

Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)
The ASVAB is the most widely used multiple-aptitude test battery in the world; it measures strengths, weaknesses and potential for success in four domains: verbal, math, science and technical, and spatial. The ASVAB serves three purposes for Delta students: (1) the results provide feedback toward vocational interest and aptitude; (2) it can help students qualify for placement into military service post-graduation; and (3) it also serves as a back-up if students do not meet the required scores on the SBA in Math and/or ELA, as the State also accepts ASVAB scores to meet the graduation pathway for students.

The ASVAB will be administered to all grade 11 students.  In addition, any grade 12 student interested in military placement, needing another score to meet their graduation pathway, or if interested in the vocational placement feedback, may take the ASVAB.

The Accuplacer is designed by The College Board and is utilized by Central Washington University to qualify students to enroll in College in the High School courses for college credit.  [Note: some students have qualified already based on prior testing and/or completion of other college-level courses]